Alfonso García de la Torre, analogue synthesizers
Ignacio Monterrubio, max/msp & laptop
Guillermo Lauzurika, synthesizer & sampler

«SIrius» was born in 2008 upon the initiative of three composers, who decided to join forces and form a group in which electro-acoustic music could be performed live by interacting with other artistic disciplines, a group in which every member could respond to the others’ proposals in the way in which a jazz band functions, for example.

The creation is defined in rehearsals, where we play, respond, improvise and interact with what the other group members are doing, be they sounds, images, movements, words or light. Sometimes we start from earlier ideas, yet other times we simply play. All the rehearsals are recorded, so that we can later select what works and eliminate what doesn’t. We talk, arrange the material and define the composition and the action. Thus, improvisation plays a significant role, both in the work’s creative process as well as its performance in public, since despite the structure’s closed nature, the tempos and development of the action are open-ended.